What’s an Exvangelical?

Simply put, you used to be an evangelical. Now you’re not.

It can mean a thousand different things to a thousand different people. But I write for people who are conflicted, confused, angry, and broken. Those who have been pushed out, shamed out, or ignored until you left. Those whose past and present has been covered up, dismissed, laughed at, or minimized, and those whose wounds can’t be fixed with simple platitudes and offers of prayer. Those who have made hard choices, learned that leaving is bittersweet, those who have returned to the church, and those who haven’t.

I write for those who have no place at the table, no voice in the crowd. Those who threaten the church’s understanding of purity, gender, redemption, and grace. Those who have seen friends and family members hurt, crushed, and even destroyed by the very communities that are meant to sustain them.

This writing is for you. These stories are full of deep brokenness and some hope, because both are equally true. This fiction is not escapism. It demands empathy. It requires a heart that longs to see clearly.

However you came to own the title of “exvangelical,” whether you’ve deconstructed your faith and reconstructed it again, whether you’ve left the church for good, whether you still hold to traditional evangelical theology but can’t stand the taste of modern evangelicalism (and what it represents), or even if you just want to squabble over the definition, you’ll see yourself in these stories.

There is empathy here. Acceptance here. Grace is here. Join me on the journey.