“She loves them, she does, but the magic wears thin after a while. In the heat of it, she often forgets that moment when her babies opened their eyes, those crinkling sounds when life flowed in. Because she does so much, she gives so much! And no one listens.”

Issue 3.1 of Ponder Review

“Mary must have felt this way. No one asked her, and no one asked me. Even so, when the baby stirred in my belly, humming its sweet vibrations through the wood of my stomach, it felt like the incarnation. Mary—a human impregnated by God. I, Veronica—a violin impregnated by man.”

“Little Miss Stradivarius”


Elizabeth Childs grew up in the heart of evangelicalism–Colorado Springs, CO. She grew up on Veggie Tales and AWANA, VBS and Christian summer camp, and did all the schooling things–public school, homeschool, and private Christian school. She graduated with a degree in English Creative Writing from a conservative Christian college in Arkansas, John Brown University. In the ten years that have followed, a lot has changed. She’s seen friends used, abused, and pushed out of the evangelical church. She’s seen good people make terrible choices in the name of cultural power. She’s deconstructed and reconstructed her faith more than once, and the work is never quite done.

Elizabeth Childs is an author of literary fiction. Her short stories have appeared in Ponder Review and Marathon Literary Review, and she was a finalist for the Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards. Her novel, Bright Above, Red Below, is a work in progress that wrestles with the ways in which true identity is obscured and revealed in the conservative religious context. She lives with her husband and young kids in Colorado Springs, where she is a member artist with the Anselm Society.

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