“Aasim holds his boys close. He hates the thought, but they do not smell like his sons anymore.”

“The Acts of Kings”
Issue 153 of Reed Magazine
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“I am six years old when, one summer afternoon as the sun beats down and rolls sweat down my neck, my sister yells, ‘Catch, Judith!’ She launches her porcelain doll at my head.”

“The beckoning green”
issue 54 of The Dark magazine
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“Good morning. Welcome to Self-Preservation for English Majors. I hope you all had a lovely summer. Please stop flirting, you two. You can disappoint each other on your own time.”

“self-preservation for english majors”
published Oct. 2, 2019 at the showbear family circus
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“She loves them, she does, but the magic wears thin after a while. In the heat of it, she often forgets that moment when her babies opened their eyes, those crinkling sounds when life flowed in. Because she does so much, she gives so much! And no one listens.”

*Pushcart nominated!*
Issue 3.1 of Ponder Review
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“Mary must have felt this way. No one asked her, and no one asked me. Even so, when the baby stirred in my belly, humming its sweet vibrations through the wood of my stomach, it felt like the incarnation. Mary—a human impregnated by God. I, Veronica—a violin impregnated by man.”

“Little Miss Stradivarius”
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